Status SEM1801 Intrinsically Safe Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter
Brands: Status Instruments
Product Code: SEM1801T
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The SEM1801/2XTC transmitter is designed for use with thermocouple sensors and converts the sensor signal into an industry standard (4 to 20) mA loop powered output.  Type K, J, N, E, T, R, S, L, U, B, C(W5), D(W3), G(W) thermocouples can be accommodated.  The product also has a calibrate function where the output can be aligned to the input signal.  The SEM1801/2XTC is approved to ATEX and IECEx standards allowing for use in hazardous area applications.  Available as SEM1801XRTC for single-channel or SEM1802XTC for dual-channel use.

PC Configurable (safe area only) using USB Speed-Link software.  Visit the software page to download.

  • Instrinsically Safe for hazardous area use
  • Loop powered
  • K, J, N, E, T, R, S, L, U, B, C(W5), D(W3), G(W) type Thermocouples
  • Single or dual channel
  • Sensor offset and output alignment
  • PC configurable