Status SEM1600VI Voltage/Current Input Signal Conditioner
Brands: Status Instruments
Product Code: SEM1600VI
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The SEM1600VI is a ???smart??? powered isolator/conditioner that accepts any voltage signal between (-50 and 50) VDC or any current signal between (-50 and 50) mA. The output stage offers either voltage, bipolar voltage or current retransmission signals. For ease of use, a high efficiency switch mode power supply is fitted as standard and does not require any adjustment between ac or dc applications. Operating voltages are (10 to 48) VDC and (10 to 32) VAC.

  • (-50 to 50) V or (-50 to 50) mA Input
  • Current (Active or Passive), Voltage Or Bipolar Voltage Output
  • Accepts Internal and External Powered Current Loops On Input and Output
  • Powered ( 10 to 32) V AC / (10 to 48) V DC Supply
  • 22 Segment User Linearization
  • USB Port configuration