Status DM670TM Battery Powered Temperature Indicator
Brands: Status Instruments
Product Code: DM670TM
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The DM670TM uses RTD or thermocouple sensors together with our latest electronic design and provides higher accuracy, higher temperature range, higher operating pressure and higher ambient stability than traditional bi-metalic or gas filled thermometers.  The instrument is housed in a stainless steel body with large LCD display.  As it has a low energy electronic design, 2 alarm relays and 5000 point data logging are built in, along with on screen messaging to alert a user to take action.  Datalogging can be accessed through the built in USB port and free software application.  Visit the software page to download the USB Loglink software.


  • RTD or Thermocouple Input
  • Battery Powered - no external wiring
  • USB and NFC interface
  • Dual alarm relay outputs
  • Min/Max and Average data
  • User configured display messages
  • 5000 point datalogger