Status DM3600A Digital Panel Meter with Flow and Totalizer Functions
Brands: Status Instruments
Product Code: DM3600A
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The DM3600 is an intelligent digital panel meter that can accept inputs from a wide variety of sensors and display the signal digitally. In addition, it has the ability to accept up to two option "Pods" which can be either isolated (4 to 20) mA re-transmission or two normally open alarm relays. The DM3600 is available in two models - the DM3600U which is a universal input panel indicator and the DM3600A, a universal panel indicator with totalizer functions.  The DM3600A totalizer function enables non-volatile storage of the integrated total to be maintained within the unit, even after loss of power. Output options can be selected to operate on Process Variable (PV) or Total.

All functions are programmable via the integral front panel keys or via the optional RS485 serial communications port using the M-Config software.  Please visit the Software page to download the application.


  • Universal Input
  • 6 digit LED Display
  • Flow Totaliser / Batch Functions
  • Flexible Output Configuration using Option "Pods" For Analog and Relay Outputs
  • Loop Power Supply
  • IP65 Front Panel