Absolute Process Instruments (API) manufactures signal conditions and transmitters for converting a wide variety of process signals. They also offer current sensors, isolators and signal splitters in module or DIN rail packaging.

Status Instruments manufactures temperature transmitters and signal conditioners for industrial process control including: loop splitters, isolators, and relay alarms.

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Status DM650VI Battery Powered Process Indicator
The DM650VI is a battery powered process signal indicator. The instrument accepts a signal within t..
Status SEM1000 4 to 20mA Loop Isolator
The SEM1000 loop isolator is an ideal solution to overcome ground loops. Designed to be series conne..
Status SEM1015 Loop Powered Voltage to Current Converter/Isolator
The SEM1015 is a (4 to 20) mA loop powered isolator that can be configured to accept voltages betwee..
Status SEM1020 4 to 20mA Loop Booster
The SEM1020 is a loop isolator designed to provide extra drive capability from an existing current l..
Status SEM1200 Passive Loop Splitter
The SEM1200 is a current loop splitter that provides two isolated (4 to 20) mA passive outputs from ..
Status SEM1600B Load Cell Signal Conditioner
The SEM1600B is a ???smart??? powered bridge amplifier for use with load cell signals. The product h..
Status SEM1600F Frequency/Pulse Input Signal Conditioner
The SEM1600F is a cost effective ???smart??? powered conditioner that accepts all common process pul..
Status SEM1600T RTD, Thermocouple, or Potentiometer Signal Conditioner
The SEM1600T accepts resistance or mV signals from RTD, Slidewire or Thermocouple sensors. Other sen..
Status SEM1600VI Voltage/Current Input Signal Conditioner
The SEM1600VI is a ???smart??? powered isolator/conditioner that accepts any voltage signal between ..
Status SEM1620 3-Wire Voltage Output Signal Conditioner
The SEM1620 signal conditioner provides a 3-wire isolated voltage output signal and accepts RTD, The..
Status SEM1630 Dual Relay Output Signal Conditioner for Process Signals
The SEM1630 provides a dual relay switch function for RTD or Thermocouple sensors as well as mA and..
Status SEM1633 Dual Relay Output Signal Conditioner for RTD/Potentiometers
The SEM1633 provides an accurate alarm / switching function when used with RTD or Slidewire sensors..
Status SEM1636 Loop Powered, Dual Relay Output Signal Conditioner
The SEM1636 monitors a (4 to 20) mA loop and provides two independent change over relay contacts se..
Status SEM1700 Universal Input with Dual Relays Signal Conditioner
The SEM1700 is a DIN rail mounted universal signal conditioner. It accepts RTD, Thermocouple,..
Status SEM1720 Dual Channel Signal Conditioner for Temperature Inputs
The SEM1720 is a DIN rail mounted dual independent channel signal conditioner. It accepts RTD..
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