YSI Life Sciences manufactures biochemistry analyzers and supplies for clinical laboratories, research laboratories, pharmaceutical processing, and industrial quality. Using an immobilized enzyme technology, the YSI analyzer can directly measure glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate and many others.

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YSI 2702 Lactose Membranes (4-Pack)
Lactose Membranes (galactose oxidase). Used to measure lactose or galactose on YSI 2700 and 2900 Ser..
YSI 2703 Sucrose Membranes (4-Pack)
Sucrose Membranes. Used to measure sucrose on YSI 2700, and 2900 Series Analyzers.  Requires refrige..
YSI 2735 Glutamine Membranes (4-Pack)
Glutamine Membranes. Used to measure glutamine on YSI 2700, and 2900 Series Analyzers.  Requires ref..
YSI 2736 Glutamine Calibrator, 5.0 mmol/L (250 mL)
5 mmol/L Glutamine Standard solution for use with YSI 2700 and 2900 Series Analyzers.  Default calib..
YSI 2747 Glucose/Lactate Calibrator, 1.80 g/L Glucose 0.45 g/L Lactate (250 mL)
Glucose and Lactate standard solution. Calibrator solution for the YSI 2300 Stat Plus. May also be u..
YSI 2751 Printer Paper (5 rolls)
Long life thermal printer paper for use with YSI 2300, 2700, and 2900 Series Analyzers. Also used wi..
YSI 2754 Glutamate Membranes (4-Pack)
Glutamate Membranes. Used to measure glutamate on YSI 2700, and 2900 Series Analyzers.  Must be refr..
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