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BENEFITS of Vacuum Pump Filters

...Exhaust Filters:
  • Remove all visible oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust, even when it is saturated with oil.  The exhaust gas may be recycled to the process, or the pumps may exhaust into virtually any work area, so there's no need to run ducts and exhaust pipes outside.

  • Continuously drain the collected oil-back to the pump, if desired.  Filter cartridges can achieve a life of thousands of hours!
  • Recover expensive inert lubricating fluids.
  • Prevent accumulation of oil in exhaust systems and chemical scrubbers.
  • Protect the pump by providing low flow resistance (low pressure drop)
  • Offer rugged construction and simple installation.
...Inlet Filters:
  • Grade 102...prevents backstreaming of oil molecules from the vacuum pump to the vacuum chamber/vessel and protects the vacuum pump from solids.

  • Grade 30...protects the vacuum pump from solids and liquid contamination.
  • Both provide an increase in productivity by eliminating costly shutdown time and maintenance on the vacuum system.
  • Grade 102...protects the products in the vacuum chamber from oil contamination, increasing product quality and decreasing rejects.
  • Superior chemical and solvent resistance.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Long filter life - Grade 102 will last at least 1000 hours and filter cartridges are very inexpensive.

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