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  • Have graduated density cartridges for extended life.

  • Complete range of filter cartridges to filter out coarse (75 micron) particles, visible particles (25 micron), or finer particles (down to a 0.2 micron, absolute membrane).
  • Superior chemical and solvent resistance (if applicable).
  • Filters comply with FDA regulations for food contact surfaces (if applicable).
  • Polypropylene support to prevent tube rupture.  End caps to provide tight seal and eliminate element shrinking.
  • Up to 5 times the filter life of a typical cotton wound filter element.
  • Can tolerate very high pressure drops.  We recommend replacement around 30 - 35 psig pressure drop.

Call 800-752-9055 for literature and pricing or to make an appointment to have a salesman visit your site.  If you prefer to ask for information via the internet use the "REQUEST INFO" button above or e-mail = sales@rjmsales.com.

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