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With the rising costs of Nitrogen dewars, cylinders and bulk nitrogen the monthly costs could be pushing your quarterly and annual budgets to a breaking point.  What Parker and RJM Sales would like to do is help you lower those costs by providing a way to produce your own nitrogen inside your facility.  We don’t have to replace your entire nitrogen supply system right away, but we can help ease the costs by reducing the need for bulk nitrogen by at least 50%.

How do you ask?  It’s simple really.  Using standard compress air, whether it’s an existing supply or an accompanied compressor, we can create nitrogen from purities 95% all the way to 99.99%.  After the generator is installed we can pipe it directly to your existing delivery system.  These generators can run 24/7 with only a yearly filter maintenance to keep them going.  Some of the lower purity system don’t even require electricity.  Join the ranks of Frito Lay, Exxon, Kraft, L’Oreal, Honeywell and many, many more. 

 In the past we’ve seen great ROIs in the form of one or two years.  If the initial capitol cost is something that may hinder your consideration of such a product, Parker Balston offers a very attractive lease program so the entry cost barrier can be spread over multiple budgets rather than just one.

 For more information contact us at 1-800-752-9055.

How Nitrogen Generators Work

Lower Purity Systems
95 to 98% Nitrogen

Higher Purity Systems
98 to 99.99% Nitrogen

Call 800-752-9055 for literature and pricing or to make an appointment to have a salesman visit your site.  If you prefer to ask for information via the internet use the "REQUEST INFO" button above or e-mail = sales@rjmsales.com.

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