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Commercially Sterile Compressed Air For the Food Industry
Air is not as clean as it appears to be. Untreated compressed air contains many potentially harmful or dangerous contaminants which must be removed or reduced to acceptable levels in order to protect the consumer and provide a safe and cost effective production facility. Along with moisture and particulate matter, inlet air to a compressor generally carries 5 to 50 bacteria per ft�. A 75 hp compressor with a capacity of 300 SCFM therefore takes in 100,000 to 1 million bacteria each hour. These bacteria get compressed along with the air and begin their journey through the compressed air system. Introducing this type of microbial contamination to food products is very risky and would be considered a lack of control by the facility. Understanding how to operationally the treatment of compressed air in a facility will ward off that risk.

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Certifications and Regulations
There are multiple regulations that you may have to adhere to in your facility and they ranged from SQF, FDA to the USDA and 3A. Out of all of these standards, the most rigorous are the SQF and 3A. Since SQF is the most prevalent of the two in the food industry, below is a summary of what the latest edition requires. As detailed in Section of Module 11: General Manufacturing Practices for Processing of Food Products, SQF Edition 7.1, May 2013.

From Section
"Wherever the compressed air comes in contact with the food, either directly or indirectly, high efficiency filters are to be in place at point-of-use where the air enters the final section of tubing (not in the compressor room). This will significantly reduce the risk of microbial contamination of the food from the air. The recommended final stage of filtration in these food contact areas should have a rating of 0.01 micron with an efficiency of 99.999% (or as determined by appropriate risk analysis). Sufficient filtration is to be in place directly upstream of the final stage to protect the final stage from oil and water aerosols."

If you would like to read the complete document click on the below link:
Module 11: Good Manufacturing Practices for Processing of Food Products

The Parker Balston commercially sterile system is the perfect solution for any of your requirements for commercially sterile air. Available in both stainless steal and aluminum, the Balston filtration system offers you a rating of 0.01 microns at 99.999% efficiency along with a microbial barrier in the final stage.

Along with the solutions already mentioned, Parker Balston has created a way to test your compressed air for the presence of bacteria in your compressed air supply. The Balston Compressed Air Microbial Testing Unit, or CAMTU, is a simple, elegant and inexpensive way to safeguard your facility against contamination.
Stainless Steel Filter Systems
Aluminum Filter Systems
Microbial Testing Unit

Documentation and Validation
Parker Balston's filtration systems and testing units are independently validated with accompanied white papers. All of our filter systems are guaranteed to create a sterile, point of use, environment for any compressed air application. Combine this information with our sample Good Manufacturing Practices and your facility will be compliant ready for all inspections.
White Paper: Filtration
White Paper: CAMTU Test Kit
Independent Filter Validation Studies
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Parker Good Manufacturing Practices
Filtration Catalog
CAMTU Catalog
Stainless Steel Filters Aluminum Filters CAMTU Kit Documentation & Validation


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